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13/02/2017   Release Dates Electronics Projects
Find the Release dates for some of our electronics projects on www.megabitstudios.net/projects.html

04/02/2017   The ReLaunch
Welcome to our Relaunch here at megabit studios we have a shiny new site www.megabitstudios.net we have also got some old but new content for the new launch that has never been seen before these are projects that have not made it off the ground but are playable take a look at the 2 projects CSS CTF Mod http://www.megabitstudios.net/CTF_Mod.html and a CS1.6 Map GO_Kart map http://megabitstudios.net/Go_Kart.html , make sure to check back soon we will have some electronic projects coming out over the new few months.